Rock Tumblers

2lb Rock Polishing Machine

2lb Rock Polishing Machine ( £59.75 )

with 2lb (900grm) capacity barrel. Economical 30watt motor.

Excellent Christmas Gift. Easy rock polishing with this quality rock tumbler. Produce fantastic stones for your collection, or why not create your own jewellery, key chains and mu...

3lb Rock Polishing Machine

3lb Rock Polishing Machine ( £75.25 to £79.95 )

3lb rock polisher with one 3lb barrel

Heavy duty rock tumbler with barrel to make stone polishing easy

All our tumblers are 220-240V AC and fitted with a UK 3 pin plug


Grits & Polishes

Grits & Polishes ( £3.60 to £21.00 )

Selection of grits & polishes essential for your rock polishing supplies...

Tumble Mix

Tumble Mix ( £4.00 to £15.00 )

A range of tumble polishing mix, essentail for rock polishing


Tumble Polishing Spares

Tumble Polishing Spares ( £2.30 to £8.15 )

Range of spares for the 2lb and 3lb rock polishing machines...

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